JOOST UNLIMITED… Freelance professional Photographer and Graphic Designer. Amsterdam and Spain. Portrait, Editorial and Fashion photography. Specialized in Male Photography (Men photography). Owned by Joost Dekkers.

Photo: Joost Dekkers

Photo: Joost Dekkers


In 1968 I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After graduating for my International Marketing education in the Hague, I started working as a freelance graphic designer for my own agency.

Later in 1998 life directed me to Amsterdam, so I took my company with me. Once living and working there I started to do some work as a model as well, which brought me in contact with various well known photographers.

More and more I got fascinated by photography, so in 2009 I bought a profesional camera with some lenses and started to educate myself in photography and retouching images. I loved it so much that I finally decided to make this into a business as well and combine it with the graphic design work.

Amsterdam became Málaga (Spain) in 2015 and since then I initially work from there. Which doesn’t mean I don’t get around, because I can be found in Amsterdam on a regular basis too. All depends on the project I’m working on. As I love to travel, I’m always willing to move myself to a different location if that’s what a project requires!

Apart from my desire to create beautiful things and being kind of a perfectionist, I try to balance my life and find some inner peace by practicing yoga, pilates and fitness. And…, as some of you already know, I've got a passion for salads! But more about that soon!

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope to talk to you soon so we can create something beautiful together!

Joost Dekkers